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Casey French- Photographer of the World!

World traveler, Photographer and FDL native.

Casey French graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point and set off to travel the world. Casey has had his work published in Footprint Travel Guides, CNN International and National Geographic. Casey’s pieces often include life, in all its forms, including people, animals, and nature.

When we asked Casey how he got into travel photography he told us, “Photography stumbled into my life by accident. It just became this natural thing for me. I never took classes (and it showed initially), but through trial and error, I discovered how passionate I was toward documenting the world around me. My first time abroad really enhanced these feelings, because I wanted to show my family and friends back home that there is more to see outside the U.S.”

Casey isn't just your typical photographer. His photography is supported by his curiosity and need to keep moving. Casey said when traveling “I jump into the thick of it and walk constantly until my feet can barely support me.”Although Casey's feet have carried him to take thousands of photos this is his favorite.

He says, "This place means the world to me and I think about it every single day. I have never felt so much emotion in my life than here on this mountain."

 Even though Casey is always taking his camera along with him while he travels, he still makes a point to be present in the moment. Setting his camera down in order to have a moment to appreciate the beauty that surrounds him. When we asked Casey about his experience traveling with his camera he stressed the importance of taking that time to be present. He told us, “I wasted the moment peering through glass than the reality in front of me. Those few moments when I am not shooting is key to adding depth and meaning to my work.”

Looking to get into travel photography? Casey has a little advice for you.

“Although most of my photographs are premeditated, some of my absolute favorites are spontaneous. Be aware of your surroundings, because maybe the shot you’re looking for is behind you. Most importantly, these experiences are yours forever. Always shoot for yourself.”

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