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Our Story Begins in 1975

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Our story begins in 1975 when my dad, Dick Lewis, decided to turn his woodworking hobby into a business and opened The Woodshop on December 1,1975. The shop featured a variety of hand made wood items from picture frames, wooden plaques, grandfather clocks and children's furniture.

I was eleven years old at that time and the oldest of four. As kids, we all had tasks to do to help out. I remember the staining tanks in the back yard and we would have to dunk the unfinished frames in the stain, wipe the excess stain off and hang them up to dry. Frames would be hanging everywhere, on the cloths lines, back porch and in the garage.

At our dining room table my dad taught me how to write out checks to pay bills and record them in the proper place in the ledger.

My sister and I would take turns sitting in the shop which was located in the front room of our home. When a customer came in, we would go get mom or dad to assist them.

Enjoy this article from October 26, 1977 from the Fond du Lac Times.(I still have one of those rocking horses featured in the article)

Kindness is contagious .... pass it on

❤️ Julie

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