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Jim & Gale Lichman - Centering Self and Clay

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Jim has been throwing clay since 2003 and his wife Gale joined him in the process in 2016.  Together they are Pine Willow Pottery.  When we asked Jim what he likes best about his passion he told us "I enjoy the process of forming a usable, beautiful vessel; simply from the earth.  After the first firing, I perceive the form as a blank canvas.  Often using a tape resist method to create clean lines in a design.  The entire process requires mind, body and spirit to be in the same place, at the same time. Just as the artist centers the clay, this journey centers the artist." When asked if he could be any crayon, which one would it be.  Jim responded "Black!" It incorporates all the colors of the rainbow, and it makes a statement - literally!"

Gale has been focusing on creating coffee mugs and tea cups with fanciful and artful designs.  When she isn't working on her pottery, she enjoys playing her guitar.  Owning a guitar since she was 13 years old, she took her first lesson after she retired from a career in public service.  Gale told us "my music journey is ongoing, just like my art journey.  I continue to learn, grow and play."

We also asked Gale the crayon question and told us "Green!" The color of spring, which is my favorite season."

Both Jim & Gale have a list of artists they are inspired by and when asked who they would love to spend a day with, Jim responded "Frank Lloyd Wright and ask him about his use of lines and color in designs."  While Gale responded "I would love to talk with Gordon Lightfoot, Carlos Santana, Phoebe Snow and so many others."

Learn more about local artists, Jim & Gale, and Pine Willow Pottery:

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