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4H Gallery Award Exhibit

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

The history:

2010 was the first year that the Gallery & Frame Shop sent a team to the Fond du Lac county fair to choose pieces to be on display for the 4H Gallery Award Exhibit.

Every year since then we send a team to select pieces.

This award was created specifically for projects not selected for the Award of Merit or State Fair

Also to protect privacy we do not award any photography/art project that contains full faces of people and/or addresses.

We would love to bring all the projects back for display but we have to keep in mind the amount of window exhibit space we have available.

When selecting the award we strive to show the variety of projects, ages, mediums and clubs that 4H has been known to offer.

This exhibit is one of our favorite projects to facilitate and is enjoyed by all who see it on display in the windows of the gallery. We are proud to support youth art and be recognized as a “Friend of 4-H”.

In 2020, due to COVID-19, we awarded the 4H Gallery Award to all who submitted to the Fond du Lac County fair and encouraged individuals to share photos of their projects with us via Facebook and Instagram.

2021 brought us back to the fair. Here are a few of this year's amazing projects!

Support youth art!


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