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Meet our Senior Designer

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

To continue with our theme I'd like to introduce our team member:

Senior Designer, Stephanie McGuire! Stephanie studied graphic design, architecture and worked 13 years as an interior designer. All things which have trained her to have an impeccable eye for color, and design. Her art is inspired by her landscape photography, taken while hiking and traveling. She titles her process as contemporary painting. She uses layers of acrylic and spray paint which have been applied with hand cut stencils. Additionally, she has a passion for graphic design. Her designs have been exhibited in various forms including marketing media and community projects. We asked Stephanie how she would describe her work. She said, "My artistic style portrays landscapes by layering large shapes, rich colors, and bold contrasts." In the shop Stephanie serves as a Senior Designer. She has worked with us since August of 2017. She curates the walls, windows, and assists with the communication with our consignment artists. Stephanie has been our featured artists since March. We usually switch this out bi-monthly, but her exhibit is still hanging on the wall! (Thanks COVID)

I am love seeing Stephanie's fresh & creative sense of design and color. It is a joy working side by side with her. Long story short, If you come into the shop and Stephanie is behind the counter (and the plexi glass barriers) your custom framing is in talented hands. Kindness is contagious .... pass it on


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