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Meet our Framer, Julie G aka "The Other Julie"

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Julie G. has been working with us for 5 1/2 years. She is our behind the scenes gal that brings each framing project together. Her attention to detail and quality control is top notch. Working in a frame shop is nothing new to Julie, while living in Madison she worked in frame shop there.

In her free time Julie enjoys crafting and making all sorts of different things! She loves to re-purpose materials by giving them new life in her projects. Not to mention, she makes some of the worlds cutest cards.She enjoys re-purposing furniture into cool pieces.(see photo of her world map desk below) Julie also has a love for animals and enjoys her time with her guinea pig "sweet pea". She loves to travel and having all four of her children spread out gives her the opportunity to see different parts of the country.

Julie G. brings a fun bundle of unique facts and information into the shop. We can go to her with any spelling or grammar questions.

Fun fact: Julie G & myself went to school together, from grade school through high school, although not close during those times, it is great to reminisce about our school days. She remembers way more than I do. So happy we have reconnected and I could not have found a more perfect person for our framer.


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