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Meet our Graphic Artist

Social Media Coordinator/Graphic Artist, Alonna Heller

A 2020 graduate from Marian University, majoring in Graphic Design and Marketing/Public Relation with a minor in Studio Art. Alonna is our graphic designer and social media guru. She plays a large role in our digital outreach, while also assisting with tasks like writing emails, blogs, and customer relations. You might have seen Alonna greeting you as you came to pick up an order.

Last year Alonna worked to redesign our website and continues to help us keep our image modern and fresh. After almost 50 years in business we are committed to staying relevant and adapting to new technologies. Due to COVID we continued to adapt by offering digital framing consulting and adding inventory to be purchased directly on our website.

Outside of work Alonna is an artist, an outdoor enthusiast, and an entrepreneur. She runs her own freelance graphic design and photography business, which she hopes to grow into her perfect "big girl job”. If you are looking for graphic design, photography, and a fresh marketing perceptive, Alonna is your gal! 

Alonna brings her positive energy to the shop. She is kind and energetic even early in the morning with a coffee in tow. 

Follow Alonna here.


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